Paint 2 colors $300.00Painting includes two colors with out stripping. Typical steam engines are black and graphite. Typical diesels schemes example: Conrail, Norfolk Southern
Paint 3 colors $350.00Painting includes black, graphite, and red cab roof and tender top. Diesel example: CSX Grey and Blue, Delaware and Hudson, Milw Road
Glacier Park, DRGW, UP Grey Hound and the like.  $400.00Painting includes three colors and detail trimming. Diesel Examples: Union Pacific, CSX Grey Blue Yellow

Decoder Installation
Brass or Plastic Price Description
Steam or Diesel, brass or plastic, decoder installation, repairs, extra details, drive upgrades, etc. $550.00 for steam

Most diesels and electrics:
Prices include all parts. Added contacts to tender, decoder, Current Keeper, lights, harnesses, markers, cams. mars light or any other function except smoke. Installation of a decoder is not that difficult. Honestly, with some instruction, anyone can learn. However, making the locomotive operate smoothly is another story.  When I install a decoder, I make sure the loco runs smoothly, which includes gauged wheels, smooth drive and motor and free running gear. Projected time? Honestly, it varies.

Drive Upgrades, detail additions, repairs
Brass or Plastic Price Description
Motor replacement, gearbox replacement, any repairs or extra detail work $150.00/
with parts: 250.00 
Anything not cover from above. All work and repairs are soldered. I do not use glue except with coal load, windows and lens. It is very rare that your model needs a new gearbox. I have my own secrets upgrading drives, especially PFM, GOM, and Tenshodo. Price does include parts. 

The "WORKs"
 Brass only Price Description
Includes everything $950.00/ $1050.00 Includes DCC sound installation and the parts, painting, including weathering and warranty. This price varies depending on new motors, marker light addition, and the condition on the locomotive. 

Wish List

 Brass Only Price Description
 By agreementIn your dream, there is a locomotive you have always wished you had. I am here to grant you that wish. This is how it works:
  • Email me what locomotive you have always wantedWe discuss what options you want added to your brass engine
  • We discuss a FINAL complete price (price of loco, options, parts, labor)
  • I will find it for you and notify you
  • You pay half of the discussed price 
  • The locomotive is delivered to you
  • You pay the remaining difference
  • And of course, if you are not happy, I will refund your money and you return the locomotive.

Listed below is a estimate cost of a brass steam locomotive with most upgrades. Each Upgrade is subjected to chnage depending on the model. For example, not selecting marker lights will drop cost. 

TSU2 Projected Price List