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We are more than just a DCC installer or painter, we are mechanics:
In all scales and Plastic too!
What will you find on this site?
Everything that a brass locomotive
will need! My expertise is in brass, both steam and diesel, DCC installation, DCC sound installation and mechanical improvements. Your locomotive will operate flawlessly.

Research why you should invest your hard earned money into a brass locomotive on the WHY ABBS page. I install the the best equipment and technology into your locomotives and rolling stock.  We offer all kinds of SERVICES such as painting,  WEATHERING, repair, decoder installs, drive upgrades etc, plus collection purchases. Search through the VIDEOS to watch how a brass locomotive will look, operate, and sound like. Share your thoughts and opinions on the greatest steam and diesel locomotive of all time on the SHARING PAGE. Have a dream locomotive that you have always wanted? I will get it for you! Read all about it on the WISH LIST!

Contact us with any question and please take the survey so we can serve you better.  

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