Why ABBS? 
Anyone who has ever dealt with a brass model has experienced the problems presented above. In order to solve the problems related with brass models, you send the locomotive to a so called "expert" for repair or upgrading, only to get your prize possession back still not looking, performing, and sounding to your high expectation. All Brass Backshop is here to restored your faith of receiving a model that will meet your expectation! I am not going to leave you with a non operating locomotive. If something goes wrong, send it back and I will fix it!
So what does All Brass Backshop have to offer you:
  • Wheels in gauge
  • Rebuilt and upgraded drive for quiet operations
  • Weight added for more pulling power
  • All detail repaired by soldering. I do not use glue except with windows, lens, and coal load.
  • Contacts added to the tender trucks to assure electrical pick-up.
  • Professional painting, touch-up, and weathering.
  • DCC mobile or sound decoder installation including wiring harness, Current Keepers and working light. 
  • Detail addition
  • Locomotives and rolling stock layout tested for quality control and my personal guarantee.
  • My guarantee: 
                                       "Your locomotive will look, sound, and more importantly, run flawlessly"